SMARTstart is has been proven successful and we believe it is because we have the right format and supports in place. Not every community will be able to support a SMARTstart program and we want to ensure the best chance of success. Please take a look at the checklist below and see if you have the right stuff:

Yes Possible No Indicator
Minimum number of 3 organizations in a community/surrounding area who are ready, willing and able to commit the time and resources to the project. Four or five project partners is optimal
One or two staff/volunteers from each partner organization who are willing to invest a minimum of 10-12 hours per month in the program. During the start-up phase, hours may be increased.
Project partners/organizations must be committed to a minimum, three year program cycle
One organization/partner must be committed to lead the project
Project budget is flexible. Partners can commit to fund part or all (can be made up of partner contributions, participant fee, and sponsorship)
Interested communities must possess an acceptable number of successful businesses in order to sustain the mentorship program (mentors must have run a local business for a minimum of 7 years).
Project partners must adhere to set SMARTstart program format (online training, in person workshops and mentorship components)
SMARTstart is a proprietary program, and therefore SMARTstart resources cannot be shared or distributed to other communities outside of the scope of the project